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A babysitter is someone that is hired by parent or guardian to temporarily care for their children when they are away. In other sense, a babysitters are often referred to”sitter” as they literally look after children of all ages with in need of supervision. Babysitting do not necessarily requires any special skills or experience to carry out and doesn’t require any kind of formal education or any high school diploma. They looks after children for a specific period of time on an irregular basis frequently but not always in the evening. For instance, if couple have an important outings or dinner to attend.

Different between a nanny and a babysitter

However, if you need an extra pair of hands for your children’s safety and well-being when you’re not around but keep wondering wondering whether you need a nanny or a babysitter. Here are the differences between a nanny and a babysitter.

Although both nanny and babysitter perform similar task in caring and supervising for children when guidance or parents are absent, a nanny care has a lot duties to carry out where as a babysitter has a few duties to carry out.

Nanny’s task is usually fixed compare to a babysitter that is a short-term guardian who are literally hird to look after the children for a specific period. However, these are some of the differences between a nanny and a babysitter but some others differences also includes

When it comes to a nanny care, a nanny may be appointed to look out for children as well as old age persons but in a babysitting, a babysitter will have to look out for babies only or kids. Furthermore, nanny must possess some skills to look out for any person without being concerned of their age where a babysittier just need know how to cope with the kids. Because of this, it makes the task of a babysitter less difficult compare to a nanny task because a babysitter only focus on skill they need to look out for the children only while a nanny while you need to have many skills to look out for both the kids and old ages people.

Nanny job is a kind of permanent task that needs to be carried out daily but babysitting can is a part-time job and usually on a occasional basis. In nanny job, a nanny must spend enough time looking out for the person they are being appointed to help while in babysitting, it does not have any specific time as a babysitter will have to look out for the kids until their return home.

The time for a babysitter is not fixed as a it may take the guardian or parents extra time to get back home and because of this, the babysitter are usually paid depending on the time they spend hence a babysitter will continue to do his/her job as long as the parents are still away. Unlike babysitter, a nanny time is always fixed in such a way that they can go home after their work but in some cases, they may be asked to wait for longer only if they wish.

Benefits of hiring professional babysitter

Obviously, there is no doubt that hiring a professional babysitter is very beneficial to parents. Though the main duty of babysitter is to look out for your children but when you hire a professional babysitter, they are also going to provide the following benefits for both parents as well as their children.

Most couple hardly have time to rekindle their love and romance in their relationship especially after having a child. Many parents spents more time changing diapers or probably figuring out why their baby is crying as result parents might find it difficult to have personal time to spend together. When they hire a professional babysitter Singapore, our babysitters can help parents with that so they can have the ability to foster their relationship.

Without having a babysitter many parents may have to cancel any of their plans that are not baby-friendly. For instance, parents may have to cancel their appointment with doctors or find an alternating because a hospital or chinic’s environment isn’t healthy for their kids. But when they hire professional babysitter Singapore, our babysitters can help parents to look out for their baby while they away even if it’s just on a whim.

Generally, parents cannot be with their children always. If parents are not away because of work, it would definitely be because of something else that is important as well. However, for parents to be sure their kids is being look out for and have less worry and stress at the back of their minds while they are away. Therefore, it would be better to hire a professional babysitter Singapore as our babysitter are trustworthy and reliable, and gives parents peace of mind.

Why choose our babysitter services

Are you a parent? Whether working parent or not looking for extra pair of hand for children’s care in Singapore. Search nowhere else, Its a win-win for both you and your child because we are Singapore-based company who specialiaze in babysitter services for Singapore residents and other neighboring communities. Furthermore, not only that our babysitters are reliable, they trustworthy, time manager, patient, kind, creative and perhaps mostly important, they are certified. In addition, when you choose our babysitter services, 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

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    • The babysitter really professional and our kids love her. She take care of everything for us when my wife and i go for urgent company trip. Without her, we can't make it. The last minutes emergency babysitter package worth the price. Thank you so much!
      Alex Loong
    • We hire them because my husband and i have to work. The after school pick up babysitter plan work well. The babysitter is really friendly and nice to our kids. Thanks for our friend recommending your company to us.
      Janet Lee

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