We offer a truly personal service, dedicated to you and your family.

We pride ourselves on treating each and every loved child as an individual, ensuring that the enjoy their standard time with us, feel relax and most vitally – have fun!

We have a big database of experienced and professional baby sitter providers, recently qualified care providers and untrained singles or mums but most of whom are mothers themselves with lots of childcare experiences but no proper qualifications.

We trust each and every one of our nannies to look after our own kids. Be assured that your children are in extremely safe hands.

Flexible, safe and affordable

All nannies:

  • Speak English fluently
  • Are DBS checked
  • Have passed a hard selection process
  • Have been broadly reference checked
  • Have been interviewed by our professional interviewers

Our services

A live-in nanny lives and stay with your family and  sometimes they stay with their own bedroom and bathroom. Sometimes the babysitter will be given separate housing such as a flat, studio or cottage which they may share with other family staff.

A live-in nanny in Singapore usually works for 11 to 12 hours a day, 5 or 6 days a week and is generally expected to offer an extra 2 or 3 evening each week babysitting. Some positions expect the nanny to offer twenty-four hour cover, 5 or  6 days a week.

A daily or live-out nanny in Singapore travelers to the family home each day. Live-out nannies usually job for up to twelve hours a day, 5 week days, and may be needed to perform evening babysitting as well. This may be added in the salary or paid as extra.

Live-out nannies sometimes job in nanny share arrangements where 2 or more families hire the same nanny to either care for all kids at the same time or to work part-time in each home. They could for example 3 days with 1 family followed by 2 days with another.

After school services are best for when you need someone to pick-up your kids from school, bring them home, offer them healthy meal, assist with homework and prepare them a best night sleep.

Our professional sitters are happy to call at your hotel and babysit your kids, or even accompany your whilst you explore the charming Singapore cities.

For bookings made less than twelve hours in advance. We have a range of professional sitters capable to offer emergency childcare, no issue the scenario.

We are happy to offer you with remarkable, hand-on childcare services during the festive season.

Make your life easier

  • We care about you and your family
  • We have a big database of qualified, trusted nannies.
  • We use our years of skill to find the best nanny for each family
  • We forever match the age of your kids with the right age experiences of the nannies.
  • We love to chat, we are forever happy to hear from you, whether you are existing customer or a new one, so please do give us a call.

Message about COVID-19

With COVID-19 developing in so many nations around the planet, our commitment is to follow the WHO advice, and the protocols suggested by local and international authorities.

All of our nannies returning from the affect places abroad, so those who have family who have recently returned from these places, have mechanically been asked to self-quarantine for 14 days. This has been the case across the firm for some weeks now.


What makes Singapore childcare special?

We employ all of our staff honestly so they are all interviewed in person and have detailed inductions covering our procedures and policies. Our staff also carry photographic ID. Out staff are checked and get ordinary training and development opportunities. Similarly, we meet all our clients and families to talk their requirements and needs. Only by meeting both our customer and staff can we understand how to match them effectively. We have staff that have worked for us for many years and pride themselves on our friendly attitude.

How can I pay for yours service?

We accept credit cards, cheque, cash, and childcare vouchers.

Can I meet the babysitter beforehand?

We advise that on your first sitting you arrange for the babysitter to arrive thirty minutes before you leave. You can then introduce her to your family and be in a position to view how well she relates to your children. If the kids are prepared for bed she could say them a story or if they area older you could begin a game combine. Our practice is that when you introduce your babysitter in this way kids soon feel relax.

Can I get the same sitter every time?

We forever work to send you the same sitter on each of your requests but we cannot promise the same sitter with on-demand events. But when you start using our service you will find brilliance with every sitter. If you want to have the same sitter we advise a regular event. Regular events are scheduled around your needs and with the same sitter and you cancel if the sitter is not required.

Are all the babysitters/nannies screened?

Definitely, we have strict screening policies. We take responsibility in standard recruitments. Reference checking, interviews, police checking and continue screening keeps us in the know of our people that represent us out in the field.

What qualifications do your babysitters have?

Our sitters have a big range of qualifications from mixed qualifications on paper to life experience as grandmothers, mothers, and caring for family/siblings. If you need sitter to accept the role with a certain qualification as nannying or nursing, please state this in your booking. All our sitters work towards getting their First Aid certificates and must present previous experience of working with child and offering a safe atmosphere.